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8. Membership

8.1 Admission conditions and procedures
  • ETEN membership is open to European Universities, Higher Education Colleges and Advanced Education Institutions educating and training teachers and/or social educators, local educational and social authorities and relevant associations of teachers and social educators. To widen the co-operation perspectives, the Network can also comprise ETEN members from outside Europe.
  • Admission can take place through application or invitation.
  • Application for admission is to be addressed to the Secretariat and submitted to the Board.
  • The Board will decide whether or not to invite potential members to an ETEN meeting as guests to present their organisation.
  • The final decision whether to accept an applicant is taken by the Board, normally in consultation with members from the same country.
  • As soon as an applicant is admitted, it is the responsibility of the ETEN secretary to send out Statutes, regulations and other relevant material.
  • The educational ETEN members should use a Student Information Package according to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) recommendations.

8.2 Criteria for admission
  • An ETEN member educates teachers and/or social educators on nationally recognised programmes or represents additional fields of expertise according to education.
  • An ETEN member must be able to document in which parts of developing teacher and/or social educator education or school development it is engaged or if it has special experiences which can be offered within the ETEN co-operation.
  • Generally staff and students of the members must be able to understand and speak English at such a level that it is possible to exchange experiences and opinions in a professional and educationally relevant way.
  • It would be appropriate if a new ETEN member already has some experience with international co-operation.
  • An ETEN partner must be ready to earmark the necessary resources to join the other ETEN partners in an equal co-operation way.
  • The ETEN membership agreement is entered into for a period of two years as from January 1st and shall be extended automatically unless notice of cancellation is given to the Secretariat before January 1st.¹

¹ ETEN European Teacher Edcuation Network, Statutes. February 2006, p. 4/5



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