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 ETEN 15. The proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference of the European Teacher Education Network
Published jointly by ETEN (The European Teacher Education Network), the University of Greenwich and Faculty of Pedagogy, Bitola, Macedonia, 2005


Arts education
Arts education TIG: A brief report from Ohrid 2005
Peter Gregory

State of the Art or Art in a state: An exploratory paper considering Art Education in primary education in England in the 21st century
Peter Gregory

Bullying in kindergartens?
Ada Freng and Sidsel Hadler-Olsen

Levels of conflicts: The case of Palestinian food in Israel
Liora Gvion

Modernisation of the public sector in Denmark - hereunder the School
Lisbeth Lunde

Children as researchers
Doug Springate

Health promotion research as evidence for political democracy descisions
Britt Unni Wilhelmsen

Design and Technology
How can we get technology and design into the classroom?
Merete Okland and Kai Hakon Sunde

Play as a pedagogical tool in the subject Technology and Design: A project at the University College Stord/Haugesund
Kai Hakon Sunde and Merete Okland

Early years
Children's creative use of computers in kindergartens and after school centres

Lis Jorgensen
Images and Scenarios of Teacher Education: Philosophy

Images and scenarios of teacher education
Kees Vreugdenhil

Poetry: An opportunity to be seen and heard
Daniela Andonovksa-Trajkovska

The restitution towards creating standards and rules in classroom management
Gordana Kostojchinovska and Gordana Tasevska

Information Technology
ICT in teacher training: Understanding change through Activity Theory
Solveig Andersson

Spring is in the air: Get ready for the birth of LAMS
Ray Bland

Making sense of ICT in class conceptualizing innovative efforts
Lars-Erik Jonsson

Interconnection between computing enthusiasm and school success
Kari Kumpulainen

Innovation diffusion and digital portfolios: Student learning versus student assessment
Gail L. Ring

Internationalising teacher edcucation curriculum: A cross cultural e-amil project between Dutch and US college students
Ester Alake-Tuenter and Irina Khramtsova

Creating cross-cultural connectionos: The Viginia Ball Centre experience
Melinda Schoenfeldt

Mythes and Fairy Tales
Portrayal of the hero's journey in folklore and children's literature
Anne Drolett Crreany

Intercultural learning and understandingthrough aesthetic work with fairytales
Mikkel Hogsbro

Intercultural understanding: The use of children's literature in the EFL classroom
Nanna Jorgensen

Weaving language and meaning in the literature-based workshop
Rigmor Lindo

Learning language through stories: Institutionalised story killing, or?
Marit Spurkland

Physical Education
Physical Education aRound Fundamental MovEment starting at young age: The PERFUME project Anne Moerenhout

Succes in sports activities and success in studying
Dusan Ristovski and Hristina Ristovska

Reflective Practice
Strategic planning and strategic teaching: Reflective practices and democratic process
Joseph Beckford and Ethan Petticrew

Creating a culture of reflective teaching and learning in Higer Education
Michael P. Brown, Michelle Glowacki-Dudka, Taiping Ho, Charles V. Jones, Dana Narter and Robin Rufatto

Remembrance and exploration: Using personal narratives to uncover and discover important beliefs about teaching and learning
Barbara Graham

The role of reflective practice and networking in the preparation and professional development of school administrators
Marcia L. Lamkin

A Norwegian Model of School Evaluation
Bjorn Meling

Reflection a way to qualify pedagogical work
Dot Reinau

LAMP: The Learning Assessment Model Project
Melinda Schoenfeldt, James Powell and Greg Marchant

In the Company of Shakespeare: A Nordic cultural and educational project
Ole Sorud

Building bridges: What do I learn from what I learned today?
Hilde Stroobants

Special Education
Learning multicultural/intercultural competences in teacher education
Karin Elise Fajersson and Lise Zeuthen

Patterns of participation: Science discussions when students work in pairs and groups
Gun Hagerfelth

How can rural schools inform the practice of urban schools: Part 2?\
David Holman and George Foldesy

Blurring boundaries: Specific intellectuals in urban education
M. Francyne Huckaby

Pedagogical mediation: Increasing the efficacy of the university supervisor in urban student teaching experiences
Margot W. Vagliardo

Comparing the effectiveness of science reform in seven urban schools
Molly Weinburgh

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 ETEN 17: Proceedings of the 17th annual conference of the European Teacher Education Network
Hall, N. (Ed.) (2007). London: ETEN (European Teacher Education Network), University of Greenwich and Escola Superior de Educação, Instituto de Politécnico do Porto, 260pp.


Arts education
Interdiciplinary process in arts teaching
Kirsti Ese, Maybritt Jensen and Ann-Hege Lorvik Waterhouse

Playing through drama and art
Maybritt Jensen and Michael Jarvis

Development of movement notation language among fourth grade children
Shlomit Ofer and Billie Eilam

Including middle school art teachers on interdisciplinary teams: A case study
Paula J. Stewart and Susan Davis

Overview 34
Sidsel Hadler-Olsen

Research on new elective program subjects for lower secondary school students
Inga H. Andreassen and Britt Unni Wilhelmsen

John Dewey and multicultural education in a global society: Moral and ethical principles that guide pedagogical practice in peace education
Thomas J. Fiala

Early learners
The Early Years Network: A case study in continuing 45 professional development
Rory McDowall Clark and Karen Hanson

The role of traditional/online educational games on the language teaching-learning process: a cognitive-constructive psycholinguistic perspective
Manuela da Silva Correia

Children learn by means of the scientific thinking circle
Kristof Van De Keere, Nele M.A. Mestdagh & Peter J. N. De Jonckheere

Instructional Technology and Learning
Computing skills among educators
Kari Kumpulainen

Digital media production: learning potential in teacher education
Marie Leijon and Elisabeth Söderquist

New on-line teaching qualification for college lecturers: An evaluation
Carey Normand and Brenda Keatch

The purpose of focus groups in ascertaining learner satisfaction with a virtual learning environment
Yana I Tainsh

Mathematics Education
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it: The development of mathematics Education in England over the past 100 years
Melvyn Brown

Mental arithmetic as a strategy of thought and mathematical communication
Dárida Maria Fernandes

Brain functioning: Simultaneous and successive processing
Neil Hall

Some reflections on a major change on teacher formation in Portugal
Pedro Palhares

Empowering mathematics educators with instructional improvement seminars
Robin Rufatto

Preservice primary teachers and mathematics: A longitudinal study
Isabel Vale, Lina Fonseca, Domingos Belo, Teresa Gonçalves and Teresa Pimentel

Myths and Fairytales
Heroines in North American folklore
Anne Drolett Creany

Physical Education
Land of opportunities
Karen Marie Eid Kaarby and Heid Osnes

Bullying in primary school: Toys and play at recess time can help in reducing bullying
Beatriz Oliveira Pereira

Reflective Practice
ETEN as a faculty learning community: An exploratory study
Michael P. Brown and Michelle Glowacki-Dudka

A coaching approach to supporting reflective practice
Shaun Hughes

Deepening reflective practice: Considering our teaching and our lives in the “Swampy lowlands”
Dixie K. Keyes

Special Educational Needs
Pre-service teachers and their perceptions of the inclusive classroom
Daniel Paul Gray, Michele Conway, Joann Migyanka and Sondra Lettrich

Presumptions of the recalling processes activation in special needs pupils education
Adolfas Juodraitis

Using music activities to improve the attention span and language ability of three young autistic children
Ling-Yu Liza Lee

Priorities of pedagogical psychological services’ activities in Lithuania
Odeta Sapelyte, Algirdas Alisauskas and Jonas Ruskus

“Basic functions therapies” have not died!
Pieter Van Biervliet

Urban Education
The case against multi-cultural education
George R. Bieger, Alphonse N. Novels, Larry A. Vold, and Yong Yu

God or no God?
George Foldesy and David Holman

The why’s and how’s of teaching about religion
James E. Gibson

Liminality and the cohort experience: Exploring the transformative education of pre-service teachers
James Gibson and Jennifer V. Rotigel

Students´ views of language use at two different science programs
Gun Hägerfelth

Interdisciplinary understanding of Gothenburg
Ulrika Holmgren and Bengt O Tedeborg

What’s wrong with minorities? An analytical critique of contemporary usages
M. Francyne Huckaby

Performance-based mathematics tasks: A meaningful curriculum for urban learners
Christine D. Thomas, Desha L. Williams and Kimberly Gardner

 ETEN 18: Proceedings of the 18th annual conference of the European Teacher Education Network
Kumpulainen, K., Toom, A. (Ed.) (2009). University of Helsinki, department of Applied Sciences of Education and Cicero Learning. Helsinki, Finland


Arts Education

Building Global Connections through Art

Paula J. Stewart

Creativity and Enjoyment

Jildou Zandstra

Opening Eyes Through the HEARTS project

Peter Gregory

What Will You See?

An introduction to Children as Researchers in two European projects AND some questions about the nature of art

Peter Gregory


Evaluating Science Education Reform in Turkey: 4th Grade Students Image of Science Teaching

Hulya Yilmaz, Hakan Turkmen and Jon E. Pedersen

Primary School Students’ Performance of Scientific Process Skills

Esin Sahin-Pekmez, Gul Unal Coban and Bilge Can

The Effect Of Gender On Turkish Primary Students’ Learning Strategies Pereferences

Hakan Turkmen


PSD In A Small Island Community—Presenting The Maltese Democratic Model

Ruth Falzon and Maud Muscat

Learning of Literacy by Puppets

Ana Milovanović

Instructional Technology and Learning

Higher Order Thinking and Online Instruction: Current Practices and Potential Strategies

John A. Beineke and David V. Powell


Learning through patterns: a powerful approach to algebraic thinking

Isabel Vale and Isabel Cabrita

The influence of visual strategies in generalization: a study with 6th grade students solving a pattern task

Ana Barbosa, Isabel Vale and Pedro Palhares

The impact of a professional development programme in the mathematical and didactical knowledge of primary teachers

Teresa Pimentel, Pedro Palhares and Isabel Vale

Reflective Education

Let’s Find Out!—Creativity in Research

Elsje Huij

Mind Maps: Indicators of learning

Barbara Graham

Reflecting and Generating New Understandings with Synectics

Dixie K. Keyes

Special Education

Teaching Teams At Stella Maris College Teacher-Facilitator Teams—An Insight into two Experiences

Charmaine Agius Ferrante

Evidence of Multiage Classrooms: Meeting the Needs of At Risk and Special Needs Students

David Holman, Andrea Breckenridge and George Foldesy

Urban Education

Forum Theatre—an approach to working with teacher students’ practical experiences

Lotte Lindberg and Betina Jakobsen

Governmentality Reconsidered

M. Francyne Huckaby

The Standards Movement and Corporate America; Implications for Urban America

Deborah Duncan Owens


Authentic Learning for Sustainable Education

P-O Hansson & Bengt O Tedeborg

Educational Activities of Cultural Extension in the Integration of Erasmus Students

Maria Inês Ribeiro Basílio de Pinho

Myths and Fairy Tales

The Magic of Storytelling

Anne Drolett Creany

Once Upon a Time in Africa—Tales Between the Ethics and the Aesthetics

Cristina Ferreira Pinto

Teaching and Learning Technology

The Use of Information Communications Technology in the Teaching and Learning Process and Teacher Training Programs in Turkey

M. Erdem, B. Akkoyunlu & A. Yılmaz

Trends and Initiatives in Technology

 ETEN 19. The Proceedings of the 19th Annual Conference of the European Teacher Education Network
Editors: Kristiina Kumpulainen & Auli Toom, University of Helsinki

I Educational Technology
1. How should information communications technology (ICT) be used to enhance
teaching and learning in the early years? An investigation into the perceptions and
attitudes of a group of early years trainee teachers
Kevin Ardron
2. Inquiry- 2-insight: An international environmental science collaboration
G. Fauville, P. Miller, J. Hodin, S. Dupont, J. Haws, M. Thorndyke and D. Epel
3. Awareness about globalization – On serious games as a pedagogical tool for global
P-O Hansson and Bengt Tedeborg
II Internationalization
4. UNESCO for teacher educators
Jos Beelen and Stijn Dhert
5. Implementing a new education program in a globalizing world: The ‘International
Educating Class’ @ GROUP T – Leuven Education College, Belgium
Milton George
III Mathematics Education
6. Turkish preservice mathematics teachers’ beliefs about mathematics
Asuman Duatepe Paksu
7. The effect of teacher characteristics on student mathematics achievement: TIMSS
Gözde Akyüz
8. Patterns in the first school years – main constraints
Isabel Cabrita and Ana Sofia Ventura
9. Research in etnomathematics and its usefulness in mathematics education
Pedro Palhares, Claúdio Cadeia, Filipe Sousa and Leonel Vieira
10. Teacher-student interpersonal behavior in secondary mathematics classes in Indo-
Rid wan Maulana, Marie-Christine Opdenakker, Perry den Brok and Roel Bosker
IV Myths and Fairy Tales
11. The animal trickster – an essential character in African tales
Cristina Ferreira Pinto
12. The Portuguese and the “others”: dialogue of cultures and characters in oral liter-
ary tradition
Maria Edite Orange and Maria Inês Pinho
13. Old Man Coyote: Working with the trickster figure in the EFL classroom
Nanna Jørgensen
14. The Mexican huehuenche and the Nicaraguan güegüense
Robert K. Fritz
V Reflection
15. Enacting reform initiatives: A matter of readiness
Cathy Kaufman
16. The helping relationship
Shaun Hughes
17. The use of blogs and discussion boards to promote reflective practice and critical
thinking in aspiring school leaders
Crystal Machado
VI Special Needs
18. Math problem-solving and graphic representations
Lien Van Maele and Pieter Van Biervliet
VII Urban E ducation
19. Investigations into the implicit curriculum through equity audits
M. Francyne Huckaby
20. Urban current events: Creating a space for critical, multicultural thinking
Margot Waddington Vagliardo
21. American urban education and Chinese rural education: Comparisons and con-
Yong Yu, George R. Bieger, Larry A. Vold and Alphonse Novels
 Journal of the European Teacher Education Network (JETEN). Volume 1, number 2
ISSN 1749-7213


This is ETEN too!
Doug Springate

Neil Hall

1. A Case for Using Nonverbal Assessment to Identify Gifted Minority Students
Rebecca L. Pierce, Cheryll M. Adams and Kristie Speirs Neumeister

2. A Deserved Experience? Consideration of Art Education in Primary Schools in England in the 21st Century
Peter Gregory

3. Building Bridges for Transfer
Hilde Stroobants

4. Culinary Knowledge and Discourses of Identity: Palestinian Food in Israeli Society
Liora Gvion

5. Memoires for Learning: Using Currere to Inform Teaching
Barbara Graham

6. Students' Science Discussions: From Novice tot Ideal Language User
Gun Hägerfelth

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 Journal of the European Teacher Education Network (JETEN). Volume 2, number 1
ISSN 1749-7213


Doug Springate

1. A Stand-alone Technology Applications Course in Preservice Teacher Preparation
Robert M. Maninger

2. Are Your Ready? Computting Skills and Attitudes Among Teacher Students
Kari Kumpulainen

3. Democratic Teaching: Increasing the Involvement of Primary School Children in their Learning
Doug Springate

4. Design and Technology: Current Themes and Trends in Primary Education
Terry Kelly-Freer and Catriona Robinson

5. Internationalization in a Teacher Education Program
Tove Brita Eriksen

6. The Social Construction of Russian Spaces: Higher Education as a Vehicle for Segnemted Assimilation
Liora Gvion

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 Journal of the European Teacher Education Network (JETEN). Volume 4
ISBN 978-952-10-4974-3 (nid) ISBN 978-952-10-4975- (pdf)


Kristiina Kumpulainen and Auli Toom

Greetings from ETEN Conference Liverpool 2008
Jean Clarkson

1. Personal and social development in a small island community:
Presenting the Maltese democratic model
Ruth Falzon and Maud Muscat

2. Panwapa's Island: Using technology to globalize early learners
Natalie Johnson-Leslie

3. The influence of visual strategies in generalization:
A study with 6th grade students solving a pattern task
Ana Barbosa, Isabel Vale and Pedro Palhares

4. Reflecting and generating new understandings with synectics
Dixie K. Keyes

5. Representing the development of knowledge of/for
teaching through mind maps
Barbara Graham

6. Teaching teams at Stella Maris College:
Teacher-facilitator teams - an insight into two experiences
Charmaine Agius Ferrante

7. The use of information communications technology in the teaching &
learning process and teacher training programs in Turkey
Mukaddes Erdem, Buket Akkoyunlu and Ayhan Yilmaz

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JETEN Editors
TIG Leaders
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 Occasional papers 2002. ETEN. European Teacher Education Network. ETEN conference 2002
University of Greenwich


Occasional Papers

1. Situating Cultural Perspectives: Student Teachers Study Abroad through the European Teacher Education Network (ETEN)
Sunya T. Collier

2. International Teacher Education at a State University: A Case Study
Jay C. Thompson, jr

3. Democracy and Communication
Sven Persson

4. A Comparative Analysis of Democracy in Primary Schools
Doug Springate

5. Using Internet Tools to Foster a Meaningful Learning Environment
Laurie B. Dias

6. Planning for the Future: Tools and Trends in Educational Technology
Thomas Fox McManus and Kari Kumpulainen

7. Technology and Young Children: Implications for Teacher Education
Ranae Stetson and Elton Stetson

8. Teacher Morale: Reflections and Issues
Robert Young and David Brook

9. Teaching Electronic Control
Ray Bland

10. The Impact of High Stakes Standardised Testing on Teacher Education
George Bieger, Larry Vold and Monte Tidwell

11. The Culturele Path: On Subjects and Practice in Teacher Education and Kindergartens
Bjorn Bjorklykke and Nils Tore Okland

12. Storytelling and Staff Training: A Narrative Approach to Reflective Practice
Louise Birkeland

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 Occasional papers 2003. ETEN. European Teacher Education Network. ETEN conference 2003
Hanzehogeschool Groningen


Occasional Papers

1. Conflicts in Schools: How Might These be Conceptualized?
Patrick Easen and Beth Ashforth

2. The Route to Success Travels through Interethnic Love: Sexual Orientation, Ethnic Identity and Educational Achievement amongst Ethnic Lesbians in Israel
Liora Gvion and Diana Luzzatto

3. Children's Free Time Activities: Some Conclusions from Exploratory Studies of English and Norwegian Children's Out of School Activities.
Sidsel Hadler-Olsen and Doug Springate

4. Technology Education and Entertainment in Interaction
Aadu Ott, Erik Ott and Lars-Goran Vedin

5. Analysing the Use of Virtual Learning, Collaboration and Communication Tools in Innovation Education
Karl Donert

6. Helping Teachers to Frame Constructivism as Practice: The Possibilities of Case-based Learning with Digital Media
Kristiina Kumpulainen

7. Young Students' Computer Talk
Margareth Sandvik

8. The Macedonian Teacher Education Programme 1999-2001: A Tempus Phare Project
Jean Clarkson

9. Attitudes of American and English Preservice Teachers Towards Gifted Learners
Cheryll M. Adams and Rebecca L. Pierce

10. Understanding Teachers' Perceptions of Professional Development through the Construction of Fictional Pen Portraits
Ann Campbell

11. Equality, Respect for Persons and Inclusion: Some Ethical Issues
Gavin Fairbairn

12. The Effects of Participation in an Urban Immersion Experience on Students' Attitudes and Concerns Toward Inner-City Teaching
George R. Bieger, Larry A. Vold, Wiehong Song and Daliang Wang

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 Occasional papers 2004. ETEN. European Teacher Education Network. ETEN conference 2004
Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo


Occasional Papers

1. Using the CIRCLE MAP to Differentiate Instruction Through Tiered Lessons
Cheryl M. Adams and Rebecca L. Pierce

2. Comparing and Contrasting Rural and Urban Schools: A National Perspective and An International Model
John Beineke, George Foldesy and Don Maness

3. Introduction of Web Course Tools (WebCT) to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Design and Technology
Ray Bland

4. Improving Pupil Achievement in Primary School Mathematics Through the Introduction of a National Numeracy Strategy - Can One Size Fit all?
Martin Crisp

5. The English Performance League Tables and Inner City Primary Schools
Patrick Easen and David Bolden

6. Discourses In and About `Multicultural Teacher Education'
Karin Elilse Fajersson

7. Reflections on Participation in Public Discourse: Parents of Children with Special Needs Exercising Democracy
Diana Luzzatto and Liora Gvion

8. Creating Computting and Virtual Porfolios
Mike Richardson

9. Humour, Trickery, and Downright Lying: The Colorful Threads That Weave Traditional `American' Folklore
Charlotte A. Skinner

10. Democracy in Schools: Some European Perspectives
Doug Springate

11. The Urban Field Experience as a Catalyst for Cultural Change for Rural Pre-Service Teachers
Sylvia Stalker

12. Why Flemish Pupils Excel in Arithmetic Skills
Pieter van Biervliet

13. Bridge Between Theory and Practiced
Kees Vreugdenhil

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