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Publishing in ETEN: Guidelines for authors

A. ETEN conference proceedings

All papers presented at the annual ETEN TIG-based Conferences and the contributions of the key note speaker(s) will be published.

Word processed, using Microsoft Word or similar.
A paper from 2000 to 4000 words in length;
Typed in English, single spacing, using Times or Times New Roman, font size 10;
Use an A4 format.
Margins: left hand margin 3.5cm, all other margins 2.5cm.
Use headings, subheadings, tables and figures where appropriate.

The title of the paper to be centred at the top of the first page, in bold;
Authors, centred, immediately below the title, plain text (not bold);
Institution or affiliation, centred, immediately below authors, plain text (not bold).

Bring sufficient copies for distribution to your Interest Group.
An electronic copy of your paper has to be submitted to the TIG co-ordinator(s) by the end of the conference. There will be minimal refereeing and editing of these papers for conference proceedings.

B. Occasional Papers guidelines

There will be a selection of papers written for the conference for possible inclusion in a set of Occasional Papers, published jointly by ETEN and the University of Greenwich. The authors whose papers are selected will be given the opportunity to edit their original paper in the light of responses during the conference (in a very brief timeframe). Each edited paper will be refereed by two members of the ETEN editorial board.

As above, except:
Papers should begin with an abstract of 100 words;
Double spacing, not single;
APA or Harvard referencing systems;
Electronic version plus one printed copy.


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