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Guidelines and editing procedures for ETEN publications

New information about ETEN publications

Participants who made presentations at ETEN 2015 in Copenhagen are invited to publish in EITHER the Proceedings of the ETEN Conference OR in the Journal of the European Teacher Education Network (JETEN).

1.    To publish in the Proceedings of the ETEN Conference

Documents should report learning experiences, studies, projects, ideas, etc., and / or include files with different formats (text, sound, image). The editorial board of the JETEN will review these documents.  

2.    To publish In JETEN

Articles should be of a research nature and must comply with the guidelines available on the JETEN web site. A panel of three reviewers will blindly review these articles.


1.    It should be noted when sending the document(s) the author(s) have to state explicitly whether the submission is intended for the Proceedings or for JETEN.

2.    The submitted documents will not be published in both the Proceedings and in JETEN.

3.    Documents not accepted by the editorial board for publication in JETEN will be analyzed for publishing in the Proceedings.




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